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December 3, 2022

On December 17, 2022 there will be a program "Church end of the year celebration 2022" at 4:00 pm. Meeting Address: Clareview Community Recreation Center, 3804 139 Ave, NW, EDMONTON, AB, T5H 3G4


August 13, 2022

On August 13, the annual women's seminar was held. The topic of the seminar was: ''Success in marriage''.


(MFM Edmonton, Canada. Present Glorious Women Seminar, Theme: Success In Marriage.)

Saturday 13th of August, 2022


August 7, 2022

MFM Edmonton, Canada Presentation of Certificates For Graduating Students of; School of Prayer, School of Red Cross, School of Deliverance.

Sunday 7th of August, 2022

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